Come up!

In our small Treehouse there are educational apps for preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary aged children who are keen to learn. There is also blog with funny sketches, illustrations and games suggestions. The Treehouse App is planned and designed by Riccardo and Margherita, authors of many books for children, but also storytellers, puppet masters, actors and educators.

Teachers and parents can use the apps and activities proposed in order to help their kids grow and have fun with them, because the best way to learn is through amusement!

Welcome and have fun!

Kids, are you ready to read a lot of new stories and meet pirates, giants, princesses, dragons and knights? Explore The Treehouse App, and you will find mysterious trunks, new games and a lot of surprises!

Parents, you can let your children explore The Treehouse App. It is their den, a secret and safe place. Children can have fantastic adventures as the protagonists of gripping games and instructive and intuitive stories.