Our Team!

Riccardo Francaviglia e Margherita Sgarlata

Riccardo and Margherita

They are both authors and illustrators and they have always worked together. Riccardo Francaviglia writes and illustrates the stories and Margherita Sgarlata paints them. They have collaborated with many editors and their books have been translated and released in many countries. They are actors, puppet masters and storytellers, they have never stopped telling stories to the children they meet in Italian schools and theatres, especially in Catania (Sicily), where they live in a small, red house at the foot of Mt. Etna, with their two beautiful little girls.

Laura Francaviglia

Laura Francaviglia

Laura is a musician and music therapist, she has been teaching music for years, organizing workshops for children in the 0-3 age group and for preschoolers. She is a classical guitar teacher and also plays stringed and percussion instruments from the Near East. As an expert in traditional southern Italian music, she collaborates in many projects. She is of Sicilian origin, but she has been living in Bologna for ten years and she has been working in many provinces in the Emilian region.


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