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New website for our little Treehouse!

We notify to all of our great followers that we moved to

This website will be no more updated.

Thank you for your kind support and keep following us on Great news are coming!



The Great Apps

The Great Apps

What’s Inside My Body for kids featured on The Great Apps

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Riccardo and Margherita on Radio Amore Dance

Riccardo and Margherita on Radio Amore DanceRiccardo Francaviglia and Margherita Sgarlata were interviewed on Radio Amore Dance by the Snack Time team.

After talking about their experience as children’s illustrators and app developers with The Treehouse Apps, they ended the interview telling one of their stories: La Bambina vestita di verde (The Little Girl Dressed in Green).

Thank you to Radio Amore Dance and to all the listeners!

The Little Girl Dressed in Green

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What’s Inside My Body on Uplifiting Families

Uplifting FamiliesA great review from Christy Garrett on Uplifting Families!

“It is a cute and simple app that allows you to teach your kids about their body parts and how their body works. […]  I was impressed with the amount of detail that the developers used to create the characters”.

Christy Garrett: What’s Inside My Body

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“What’s Inside My Body” on Amazon

Have you already got our educational app What’s Inside My Body for kids? It’s now available on Amazon!

Click here for the FREE demo version!

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The Treehouse Apps on

PowerslydePowerslyde is a great platform for finding and sharing app recommendations. They asked Riccardo something about us. Read this interview about The Treehouse Apps team!

Powerslyde Profiles – Stories Behind The Apps: What’s Inside My Body

“The Treehouse Apps’ team is a real family!”
Riccardo Francaviglia

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App Friday

App FridayWhat’s Inside My Body for kids featured on App Friday for Christmas Bonanza 100th Apps Report

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Download What's Inside my body for kids / Android What’s Inside My Body for kids has been added on

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DroidForYouWhat’s Inside My Body for kids featured on DroidForYou

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