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Handmade Toys: The Rag Doll

Willing or not, Christmas is coming. As always, you’re probably starting to look for Christmas gifts.
If you’re addicted to DIY, here you can find two cutes ideas on how to make a rug doll and its box.
Why should you make a box for your doll? Because it could be a customized and amazing gift wrap or a Box Gift Set, where you can put additional dresses and accessories, as Maggy suggests with her original idea!

Here’s the tutorial in 3 simple steps.The Rag Doll

Difficulty: 4/5


white or pink fabric
colored fabrics
cotton wool
ribbons and buttons
cotton thread
acrylic colors and brushes
woolen yarn


sewing machine

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Handmade Toys: The Magic Propeller

Are your kids interested in magic? Probably they’re tired of the classical trick with the coin. So, let’s teach them how to make a propeller whirl and change its rotation by simply saying a magic word.
This could be a great chance to show how circular vibrations work and organize a magic show.The Magic Propeller

Difficulty: 2/5


a wooden stick 3x2cm and 20cm long
two flat balsa laths 2mm thick and 3cm long


2 small nails

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Handmade Toys: The Penguin

Who loves penguins? Let’s build a new DIY toy following these few simple steps!the prenguin

Difficulty: 3/5


1 plywood sheet 3cm thick
a wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm and 1m long
a wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm and 10cm long
a bike inner tube


Alternating saw
Hole saw
Acrylic colours and brushes

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Handmade Toys: The Cradle Carousel

The carousel is a traditional subject in the world of children’s toys and games and we have already proposed two version of it, The Little Carousel with wooden characters and The Little Carousel with ordinary materials. Now, here’s how to make a DIY cradle carousel for your babies! Just use plywood sheets, acrylic paint and your imagination and make the cradle carousel that suits better for your child!

The Cradle Carousel

Difficulty: 3/5


1 plywood sheet 3mm thick
1 plywood sheet 5mm thick
1 lath 2cm large and thick and 4cm long
a wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm
6 eye bolts
coloured string
cardboard sheet and a pencil



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Sensory Play. Any Questions? Here’re the Answers!

We often read about sensory play in specialized websites for children and parents, which are plenty of suggestions about this kind of activities.

Probably, you asked yourself some questions, such as:

What is sensory play? Why is it important for my children? How to organize sensory activities?

Stephanie Haass answers to all these questions and propose some sensory activities, which are very simple to organize and suitable for those busy parents who don’t want to renounce happy moments with their little ones.

Sensory Play: Is This Really Necessary?

If you frequent kids activity blogs, you know that “sensory play” has been a hot topic for quite awhile now.  There are even entire websites devoted to sensory play for your tots, and while they are super fun to read and full of creative (and sometimes elaborate) ideas, you may find yourself asking, “Is all this REALLY necessary for my child’s development?”

To her proposals, we add ours.
Handmade Toys: Fishing With Magnets (Make it easy!)
How to organize an unordinary fishing game with
stick and magnets!

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Handmade Toys: Fishing With Magnets

After the DIY Little Carousel, here’s a new tutorial for a handmade toy. You can make it for your children and ask them for help. Just follow these few simple steps!

Let’s fish with stick and magnets!

Difficulty: 2/5

Fishing with magnets

a plywood sheet 5mm thick
a little wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm and 120cm long
two magnets
two strings 120cm long
acrylic colours and brushes
cardboard sheets and pencils
self-tapping wood screws 3mm long

a screwdriver
a fretsaw

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Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel (Make it easy!)

Christmas is drawing near and there is little time left for the last gifts!

We proposed you a DIY little carousel, but making it needed specific materials and some hours of your free time for a result which you can be proud.

So, if you like the carousel, but you don’t have enough time for it, here’s a simplified version.

We will use few, everyday objects for this easy version of the little carousel. It will be a very simply DIY tutorial, which even the little ones can do alone.

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Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel

The Treehouse Apps focuses on every kind of kids’ entertainment. Here’s a way to create new funny moments and enjoy them with the little ones. Here’s our first tutorial on how to make a toy!

Riccardo and Margherita have been toy makers and they published a book with which they help children to make their own toy.

Why make toys for your kids?

You can take the opportunity to play with your children and help them develop their manual ability.

The Little Carousel

Follow these simple steps and build your little carousel with the illustrated instructions of Riccardo and Margherita!

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