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Handmade Toys: The Cradle Carousel

The carousel is a traditional subject in the world of children’s toys and games and we have already proposed two version of it, The Little Carousel with wooden characters and The Little Carousel with ordinary materials. Now, here’s how to make a DIY cradle carousel for your babies! Just use plywood sheets, acrylic paint and your imagination and make the cradle carousel that suits better for your child!

The Cradle Carousel

Difficulty: 3/5


1 plywood sheet 3mm thick
1 plywood sheet 5mm thick
1 lath 2cm large and thick and 4cm long
a wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm
6 eye bolts
coloured string
cardboard sheet and a pencil



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Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel

The Treehouse Apps focuses on every kind of kids’ entertainment. Here’s a way to create new funny moments and enjoy them with the little ones. Here’s our first tutorial on how to make a toy!

Riccardo and Margherita have been toy makers and they published a book with which they help children to make their own toy.

Why make toys for your kids?

You can take the opportunity to play with your children and help them develop their manual ability.

The Little Carousel

Follow these simple steps and build your little carousel with the illustrated instructions of Riccardo and Margherita!

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