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Handmade Toys: Fishing With Magnets

After the DIY Little Carousel, here’s a new tutorial for a handmade toy. You can make it for your children and ask them for help. Just follow these few simple steps!

Let’s fish with stick and magnets!

Difficulty: 2/5

Fishing with magnets

a plywood sheet 5mm thick
a little wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm and 120cm long
two magnets
two strings 120cm long
acrylic colours and brushes
cardboard sheets and pencils
self-tapping wood screws 3mm long

a screwdriver
a fretsaw

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A Sudden Christmas Arrival!

Riccardo’s and Margherita’s dreams come true! They meet Santa Claus! Riccardo, Margherita and Santa Claus!

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Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel (Make it easy!)

Christmas is drawing near and there is little time left for the last gifts!

We proposed you a DIY little carousel, but making it needed specific materials and some hours of your free time for a result which you can be proud.

So, if you like the carousel, but you don’t have enough time for it, here’s a simplified version.

We will use few, everyday objects for this easy version of the little carousel. It will be a very simply DIY tutorial, which even the little ones can do alone.

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Gluxitz: The Final Chapter

Meanwhile, somewhere in the universe…


If you miss Gluxitz’s story, click here for episode 1 and here for episode 2.

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Outdoor Games: “Sciancateddu” (Hopscotch)

After CarricabottiRiccardo and Margherita illustrated another outdoor game for kids, which is maybe most common.

Hopscotch is known in Sicily with the name of Sciancateddu. This word derives from sciancato, which literally means lame, referring to the series of jumps made in the court.

We have already talked about the importance of teaching outdoor games to our children. This could be a great idea for the free time of these Christmas holidays. If you are thinking to the cold temperature, remember that physical exercise keeps warm even when it’s snowing!

Once again, the rules proposed match Riccardo and Margherita’s Sicilian tradition, but there are different game modes all over the world.

So, let your children develop psychomotor coordination (jumping on one foot) and rules respect with this traditional but still funny game!

Follow the instructions below and let us know if you like it with comments!
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Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel

The Treehouse Apps focuses on every kind of kids’ entertainment. Here’s a way to create new funny moments and enjoy them with the little ones. Here’s our first tutorial on how to make a toy!

Riccardo and Margherita have been toy makers and they published a book with which they help children to make their own toy.

Why make toys for your kids?

You can take the opportunity to play with your children and help them develop their manual ability.

The Little Carousel

Follow these simple steps and build your little carousel with the illustrated instructions of Riccardo and Margherita!

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An app saves the world!

Do you remember little Gluxitz? He sent a letter to Riccardo and Margherita last week.

You appreciated his story and for this reason we decided to follow his family on a spaceship.

Here’s what we saw…


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Outdoor Games: “A Carricabotti” (An Old Sicilian Game)

Handle children’s education and development is not always simple, but there are some funny ways to make things easier. Outdoor games are what we need!

In their past as children educators and scoutmasters, Riccardo and Margherita spent their time doing searches of the old games played in backyards and squares. Recently, they have consecrated their talent as illustrators to the revival of these games.

Why teach outdoor games to children?

  • Physical Contact: We all know the importance of physical contact, which is at the bottom of emotional and social developments. Thanks to this kind of communication, we are able to express and understand different emotions and expressions. Physical contact interacts also in the way we behave and feel.
  • Psychomotor Coordination: Outdoor games help children in the development of their cognitive and physical abilities.
  • Rules Respect: Another important element of children’s education is the respect of any kind of rules. Kids could learn how to understand them starting from those which are easier and more attractive, such as games’ rules. Children can internalize the value of them and the consequences about following the rules or not.
  • Be part of a group: Team games give the opportunity to understand how to respect each other. The members of a group feel more secure and they are interested in reaching the same goals, taking care of the others, who are essential for the group’s success.

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My name is Gluxitz!

Interactive stories and games are awesome, but sometimes even the old, funny comics could be amusing.
Riccardo and Margherita are now app developers, but they’re still great authors and illustrators of children’s books. While working for their apps, they also find time for amusing themselves and their followers from all over the world, and even beyond!
So, let’s see what happened today when they opened their mail box…

Riccardo and Margherita Mail Box

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