Indoor Games: Point the Hole

It’s time for another indoor activity to play with your children! It’s a simple but funny game in which you can choose to play as the animator or let one of your kids to manage the activity.

Point the hole can be played everywhere in an unlimited number of participants, but remember: the more players take part of the game, the more the game lasts. Read instruction and tips below from one of the handbooks Riccardo Francaviglia has illustrated.

So, challenge your children’s dexterity and have fun with this new kids activity by The Treehouse App!

Point the Hole

Educational aim: dexterity and listening attitude

Target: form 8 to 16

Number of participants: unspecified

Materials: none

Duration: you can choose the duration

Players form a circle and sit cross legged. The animator shows the different kinds of holes:

  • My hole: point with a finger your own legs
  • Next hole: point with a finger the legs of the player on the right
  • Common hole: point with a finger the circle
  • Hole in the air: point with a finger up in the air

The animator starts to name holes and players have to point them. The animator can even point different holes from the ones he names. So players must be able to point the right hole without getting confused by the animator’s tricks.

Once a player makes a mistake, he loses.

Leave comments, can you add different holes to point to this list? 

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