Handmade Toys: The Rag Doll

Willing or not, Christmas is coming. As always, you’re probably starting to look for Christmas gifts.
If you’re addicted to DIY, here you can find two cutes ideas on how to make a rug doll and its box.
Why should you make a box for your doll? Because it could be a customized and amazing gift wrap or a Box Gift Set, where you can put additional dresses and accessories, as Maggy suggests with her original idea!

Here’s the tutorial in 3 simple steps.The Rag Doll

Difficulty: 4/5


white or pink fabric
colored fabrics
cotton wool
ribbons and buttons
cotton thread
acrylic colors and brushes
woolen yarn


sewing machine

Cut the pink fabric into a stripsSTEP 1: CHEST AND LIMBS

Cut the pink fabric into a strip 60cm long and 10cm wide. Cut four other smaller strips: two strips will be 40cm long and 5cm wide and the others two 30cm long and 5cm wide.Stitch the strips closed and stuff them with cotton wool

Fold the strips in half and stitch the longer sides closed as the picture shows. Turn the stitched strips right side out and stuff them with cotton wool.

Stitch the openings closed and sew the limbs with the chest.Step-4

With a ribbon, tie tightly the top of the chest to make the head, as the picture shows. Sew two buttons for the eyes and draw the nose and the mouth with a fine point marker pen. You can also use acrylic colors.


Make a hole and add ribbonsChoose a colored fabric and cut a rectangle which has a width of 14cm and a length of 80cm. Fold it in half and cut a hole as the picture shows.

Put clothes on the doll and decorate it with ribbons and buttons.


Take a ball of wool and wrap the yarn you need around your hand. Take the wool bundle you made and tie a woolen yarn on a side. Then, cut the bundle on the other side.Sew the hair on the doll’s head

Sew the hair on the doll’s head. If you want to make long hair for your doll, just wrap the yarn around the back of a chair, instead of your hand.


Be careful when you draw the doll’s face. It’s very difficult to give it a nice look since your hand could tremble. So, improve your drawing skills by sketching the doll’s face on a sheet. Or use a pencil before drawing the doll’s expression on its face with the marker pen.

You can add freckles and pink cheeks.

Don’t be discouraged by Christmas mess! In this little Treehouse there are a lot of DIY gifts ideas and tutorials! Check out The Little Carousel, Fishing With Magnets, The Cradle Carousel, The Penguin and The Magic Propeller.

Doubts or difficulties? Leave comments! Any original idea to customize the Rag Doll? 

From Francaviglia, Riccardo. (October 2008). Costruire Giocattoli. Aversa (CE): Nuova Fiordaliso.

Translation: Rossana Caruso

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