Indoor Games: Reversed Hide-and-Seek (Sardines)

We know that it’s not always simple to play with our little ones because of lack of time or ideas. For this reason, it could be very useful to read Diana Smith’s guide on Uplifting Families. She remarks that experts give a lot of importance to a quality playtime because it creates and reinforces trust and honesty between a parent and a child.

We found this guide very interesting because you’ll be aware of which mistakes parents often do and how to manage your time and plan playtime. From now on, it could be very easy to have fun with your children, without getting bored or boring your kids.

Just remember:

  • Set aside a playdate withyour child to play
  • Don’t allow your kid to be the boss of the game
  • Don’t even let your child be a passive observer

In our Treehouse you can find different kinds of indoor activities that you can enjoy with your children. However, this proposal can be planned even outdoor, in your garden or at the park.

So, today, let’s play the Reversed Hide-and-Seek or Sardines! Read the instructions below from one of the handbooks Riccardo Francaviglia has illustrated. You can choose to be the animator or even let your kids decide alone who will start the game, by a roll of the dice, for example.

Reversed Hide-and-Seek

Educational aim: observation and intuition

Target: ages 8+

Number of participants: 6+

Materials: none

Duration: 15 minutes

The players form a circle. The animator gives to one of the players a ball and asks him to pass it to the player beside. When the animator whistles, the one with the ball will be the first player to hide.

Meanwhile, the others close their eyes and start counting out loud to 100. Make sure they’re not cheating! When the players finish counting, they start seeking the hidden player. Once a player finds him, he has to hide with the first hidden player and so on.

At the end of the game, all the players but one will be hidden in the same place, packed like sardines. It would be very funny to try to hide quietly all together! The last who finds all the others loses.

Don’t forget the social values of games and encourage healthy competition among your children.

Leave comments, how often do you play with your children? Did you already know this version of Hide-and-Seek? Did you enjoy it?

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