Indoor Games: Catch the Legume

Time for another indoor activity for the entire family!

Call some friends or organize a birthday party with some original activities for your children, such as The Sultan and Catch the Legume! Now, you can play with your kids in the role of the animator and enjoy a rainy and cold day at home or a small party with your children.

From one of Riccardo and Margherita‘s books, we propose here the instructions for this funny and unusual activity in which everyone could be involved.

Catch the Legume

While your kids will have fun trying to accomplish the aim of the game, they will also learn:

  • rules respect
  • how to manage their cognitive and physical abilities and physical contact
  • how to be part of a group in a collaborative way

(For the educational value of outdoor and indoor games, click here)

So, enjoy this new indoor activity of our Treehouse and let us know if you like it!

Educational aim: dexterity and astuteness

Target: ages 8+

Number of participants: 10+

Materials: plastic spoons, mixed legumes, glasses or containers

Duration: 10 minutes

The players draw up two different teams. Every team will assign a number to every player in secret. Then, the players will get into single lines with a spoon in the mouths and the hands behind back.

Meanwhile, the animator places two glasses or containers with mixed legumes inside (beans, lentils, corns…), trying to not fill them to the brim, in order to make the game more difficult.

At every turn, the animator will choose a number and a kind of legume. The two players with that number will run towards the glasses. With the spoon in the mouth, they will try to catch the legume of the kind chosen by the animator, moving only the head and without the help of the hands.

The first player who comes back with only a grain of the right legume in the spoon and without dropping the glass or the grain while walking back toward the team, score a point.

The winner team is the one who captures more grains in 10 minutes!

Did you enjoy it? Do you know a different version of this game? Leave comments!

From: Francaviglia, Riccardo and Iandolo, Francesco. (March 2013). Giochi dentro. Aversa (CE): Nuova Fiordaliso.

Translation: Rossana Caruso

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