Handmade Toys: The Cradle Carousel

The carousel is a traditional subject in the world of children’s toys and games and we have already proposed two version of it, The Little Carousel with wooden characters and The Little Carousel with ordinary materials. Now, here’s how to make a DIY cradle carousel for your babies! Just use plywood sheets, acrylic paint and your imagination and make the cradle carousel that suits better for your child!

The Cradle Carousel

Difficulty: 3/5


1 plywood sheet 3mm thick
1 plywood sheet 5mm thick
1 lath 2cm large and thick and 4cm long
a wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm
6 eye bolts
coloured string
cardboard sheet and a pencil




Draw on the cardboard sheet the fuselage’s outline of an aeroplane. Separately, draw the wings.

Draw a circle with a diameter of 6cm, it will be the sun. Cut all the outlines, put them on the plywood sheet (5 mm thick) and trace on it the shapes. Make 4 fuselages and a sun.

The wingsPut the wings’ shapes on the plywood sheet (3mm thick) and trace the outlines. Cut the fuselages and the wings.

Sandpaper the shapes

Make a cut in the middle of the fuselages (see figure on the left). It must be 3mm large. Sandpaper all the shapes.

Paint with acrylic colours the wings with four different colours and the fuselages with the same four colours of the wings. Paint also the sun with yellow or orange.

Assemble the aeroplanes as the figure shows, inserting the wings in the fuselages’ slits.

STEP 2: THE SUPPORTThe support

Cut two wooden sticks with a diameter of 1cm and 25cm long. Cut the lath in pieces of 4cm. With the drill, make two holes on the lath (see figure on the right). Sandpaper it and insert the wooden sticks.

In order to fix the sticks, screw two eye bolts into the lath as showed in figure.

Screw the eye bolts


Screw the eye bolts in the middle of the fuselages and of the sun. Tie the aeroplanes to the sticks with a string 30cm long and, at the centre, tie the sun.

In the higher eye bolt, tie the carousel where you prefer with a string.


Subjects must be no more than 6cm long.

You can substitute the aeroplanes with bees, butterflies and birds or with the character of the traditional carousel.

Leave comments, do you find it easy to make? Would you like to make an original, handmade toy for your child? Which characters do you imagine for it?

From Francaviglia, Riccardo. (October 2008). Costruire Giocattoli. Aversa (CE): Nuova Fiordaliso. pp 42 – 44.

Translation: Rossana Caruso

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3 thoughts on “Handmade Toys: The Cradle Carousel

  1. Thanks for comment and appreciate!

  2. Tina says:

    So cute and creative. Great post. Thx for sharing.

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