Sensory Play. Any Questions? Here’re the Answers!

We often read about sensory play in specialized websites for children and parents, which are plenty of suggestions about this kind of activities.

Probably, you asked yourself some questions, such as:

What is sensory play? Why is it important for my children? How to organize sensory activities?

Stephanie Haass answers to all these questions and propose some sensory activities, which are very simple to organize and suitable for those busy parents who don’t want to renounce happy moments with their little ones.

Sensory Play: Is This Really Necessary?

If you frequent kids activity blogs, you know that “sensory play” has been a hot topic for quite awhile now.  There are even entire websites devoted to sensory play for your tots, and while they are super fun to read and full of creative (and sometimes elaborate) ideas, you may find yourself asking, “Is all this REALLY necessary for my child’s development?”

To her proposals, we add ours.
Handmade Toys: Fishing With Magnets (Make it easy!)
How to organize an unordinary fishing game with stick and magnets!

Fishing with magnets - Make it easy!

Cut the fishes’ shapes from coloured cardboard sheets.

Draw the eyes and the scales with a felt-tip pen. Put a metal paper clip on every fish.

Tie a string to a wooden stick and fasten a magnet to the other end of the string.

We find this article from Twodaloo very useful and it could solve all your doubts about this matter.

What do you think? Are sensory activites really necessary for the growth of your children? Leave comments!

Handmade Toy Tutorial from: Francaviglia, Riccardo. (October 2008). Costruire Giocattoli. Aversa (CE): Nuova Fiordaliso. pp 33 – 35.

Translation: Rossana Caruso

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