Indoor Games: The Sultan

How many times did your children get bored at home, while outside it’s raining and you can’t enjoy your own garden or the park? Or when you plan a funny party at home for your kid’s birthday, how could you entertain all the little friends, without boring them with the old, same game?

In this small Treehouse you can find some original ideas for new indoor games, which will get your children enthusiastic even in a cloudy and chilly day.

In their past as children educators and scoutmasters, Riccardo and Margherita have also consecrated their talent as illustrators to the revival of these games, writing a book for indoor activities. Now, The Treehouse will propose them to all our readers, starting with The Sultan.

The Sultan

(Why teach outdoor and indoor games to children? Click here!)

Origin: tradition’s games

Educational aim: dexterity

Target: ages 8+

Number of participants: 10+

Materials: none

Duration: 10 minutes

Boys and girls draw up two teams. The animator pairs each boy with a letter of the alphabet and each girl with a number. All the players sit in a circle dispersedly.

The animator chooses the one who will be the Sultan. The Sultan has to sit at the centre of the circle and choose a number (for example 9) and a letter (for example B).

If the sultan is a boy, the girl (with number 9) tries to kiss the sultan on the cheek.

The boy (with the letter B) has to foil the girl, kissing her on the cheek.

If the girl reaches the sultan, the boy will become the next sultan. If the boy kisses the girl, then she will become the sultan.

Obviously, if the sultan is a girl, it will be the boy (with the letter B) the one who will try to kiss the sultan and the girl (with number 9) who foils him.

Have fun!!!

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Did you enjoy it? Do you know a different version of this game? Leave comments!

From: Francaviglia, Riccardo and Iandolo, Francesco. (March 2013). Giochi dentro. Aversa (CE): Nuova Fiordaliso.

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Translation: Rossana Caruso

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