Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel (Make it easy!)

Christmas is drawing near and there is little time left for the last gifts!

We proposed you a DIY little carousel, but making it needed specific materials and some hours of your free time for a result which you can be proud.

So, if you like the carousel, but you don’t have enough time for it, here’s a simplified version.

We will use few, everyday objects for this easy version of the little carousel. It will be a very simply DIY tutorial, which even the little ones can do alone.

Don’t feel discouraged and try to build a little carousel for your child!

DIY toy: the Characters

With four corks, make the characters. Use cardboard sheets for the hats and the clothing and then use the vinyl glue for sticking them on the corks.

Pin the characters with the pushpins and a glue drop on a cardboard plate.

Stick a wooden skewer into a big cork and make a hole in the centre of

DIY toy: cardboard platethe cardboard plate. Cut two ribbons and pin them on a cork.

Insert the wooden skewer in the cardboard plate’s hole, stick the skewer into the cork with ribbons and fasten the ribbons under the plate.

DIY toy: the Assembly

That’s done! Do you like this simplified version? Would your children be able to make a little carousel alone? Leave comments!

From Francaviglia, Riccardo. (October 2008). Costruire Giocattoli. Aversa (CE): Nuova Fiordaliso. p. 41.

Translation: Rossana Caruso

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One thought on “Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel (Make it easy!)

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