Outdoor Games: “Sciancateddu” (Hopscotch)

After CarricabottiRiccardo and Margherita illustrated another outdoor game for kids, which is maybe most common.

Hopscotch is known in Sicily with the name of Sciancateddu. This word derives from sciancato, which literally means lame, referring to the series of jumps made in the court.

We have already talked about the importance of teaching outdoor games to our children. This could be a great idea for the free time of these Christmas holidays. If you are thinking to the cold temperature, remember that physical exercise keeps warm even when it’s snowing!

Once again, the rules proposed match Riccardo and Margherita’s Sicilian tradition, but there are different game modes all over the world.

So, let your children develop psychomotor coordination (jumping on one foot) and rules respect with this traditional but still funny game!

Follow the instructions below and let us know if you like it with comments!

Hopscotch 1

Hopscotch 2

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One thought on “Outdoor Games: “Sciancateddu” (Hopscotch)

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