Handmade Toys: The Little Carousel

The Treehouse Apps focuses on every kind of kids’ entertainment. Here’s a way to create new funny moments and enjoy them with the little ones. Here’s our first tutorial on how to make a toy!

Riccardo and Margherita have been toy makers and they published a book with which they help children to make their own toy.

Why make toys for your kids?

You can take the opportunity to play with your children and help them develop their manual ability.

The Little Carousel

Follow these simple steps and build your little carousel with the illustrated instructions of Riccardo and Margherita!

Difficulty: 4/5


a plywood sheet 3mm thick
a plywood sheet 5mm thick
a wooden table 2cm thick or more
a little wooden stick with a diameter of 1cm and 30cm long
8 self-tapping wood screws 1cm long
a wooden little ball
5 pushpins
vinyl glue
coloured ribbons
acrylic colours and brushes
cardboard sheet


Saw or alternating saw
Gum hammer

The Characters

Step 1


Draw on the cardboard sheet the four characters of you little carousel. They have to be 7cm high and 4 cm wide or less. Avoid elaborate figures and make a straight base.

Cut the shapes with scissors.

Put the characters on the 5mm plywood sheet and draw on it the shapes with a pencil. Cut the characters with the fretsaw. Sandpaper the borders and the sides and paint the characters with acrylic colours.

The Carousel

Step 2


Draw a circle with a diameter of 20cm with a compass on the 3mm plywood sheet. Highlight the centre of the circle with the pencil and cut the circle with the fretsaw.

With a 12mm drill bit for wood, make a hole in the centre of the circle.

Sandpaper the sides and the borders of the circle before colour it with a single colour.

The Support

Step 3


Cut the wooden table in a square of 12cm for each side and with a 10mm drill bit make a hole in the centre of it. Take the wooden stick and with the help of the hammer, put it into the square’s hole.

The Assembly

Step 4


With the self-tapping screws, piece together the characters and the circle. Pay attention to the wood! First of all, insert the screws in the circle, then blunt them and stick the characters.
Insert the wooden stick with the square, in the circle’s hole.

Cut two ribbons 50cm long. Use the pushpins to fasten the ends of the ribbons under the circle and between the characters (see figure). Pin the ribbons on the wooden stick and then fasten the other ends. Be careful: the circle must not touch the square. If it happens, shorten the ribbons.

Hold the square with a hand and turn around the carousel. The ribbons will wind round the wooden stick and then they will unroll, letting the carousel spin.

Step 4


You can select a specific theme when you choose the characters.

For example:

– Medieval characters (king, jester, castle, knight)
– fairy tale characters (Red Riding Hood, wolf, granny, wood)
– the food chain (dog, cat, mouse, cheese)

For a beautiful effect, choose two different colours for the ribbons.

Leave comments, do you find it easy to make? Would you like to make an original, handmade toy for your child?

From Francaviglia, Riccardo. (October 2008). Costruire Giocattoli. Aversa (CE): Nuova Fiordaliso. pp 36 – 40.

Translation: Rossana Caruso

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