What’s Inside My Body on Hey Kiddo

427207_293271767401250_473685415_aHey Kiddo is an Italian website for children and parents.

They wrote about children’s literature, games, illustrations, movies and apps. Hey Kiddo team is composed by a group of editorial experts, who are also teachers, baby sitters, writers, students, moms and daddies.

One of them, Enrica Colavero, wrote an article for What’s Inside My Body. If you know Italian, read it and find out what Enrica likes about our new kids’ app.

“Uno dei punti di maggior pregio dell’applicazione è l’attenzione per i disegni e i colori […], l’applicazione è senza testi, semplice e intuitiva anche per i bambini più piccoli”.

“One of the strong points of this app is  the attention for drawings and colours […], the app has no written text, simple and intuitive even for the youngests”.
Enrica Colavero

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