Outdoor Games: “A Carricabotti” (An Old Sicilian Game)

Handle children’s education and development is not always simple, but there are some funny ways to make things easier. Outdoor games are what we need!

In their past as children educators and scoutmasters, Riccardo and Margherita spent their time doing searches of the old games played in backyards and squares. Recently, they have consecrated their talent as illustrators to the revival of these games.

Why teach outdoor games to children?

  • Physical Contact: We all know the importance of physical contact, which is at the bottom of emotional and social developments. Thanks to this kind of communication, we are able to express and understand different emotions and expressions. Physical contact interacts also in the way we behave and feel.
  • Psychomotor Coordination: Outdoor games help children in the development of their cognitive and physical abilities.
  • Rules Respect: Another important element of children’s education is the respect of any kind of rules. Kids could learn how to understand them starting from those which are easier and more attractive, such as games’ rules. Children can internalize the value of them and the consequences about following the rules or not.
  • Be part of a group: Team games give the opportunity to understand how to respect each other. The members of a group feel more secure and they are interested in reaching the same goals, taking care of the others, who are essential for the group’s success.

It would be great if our children would have fun with these old games played by their grandparents! For this reason, here’s a series of games you could teach to them.

All the illustrations are made by Riccardo and Margherita with pencils and acrylic paint. The games’ rules they propose match the Sicilian tradition, whose the authors belong to, but there are different game modes all over the world.

The first outdoor game we want to suggest is “A carricabotti“, an old Sicilian game, whose name’s untranslatable and literally means to fling oneself in the same manner as a man loads a barrel.

Follow the instructions below and let us know if you like it with comments!

If you like the illustration, have a look at this.
The original illustration is available here.


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